Monday, March 29

Weekend Epiphany (pt. 1)

I had a revelation this past weekend...two actually.  It is changing the way I think about my home, life, and parenting.  Isn't it amazing when that happens?

Revelation #1
Some people say that they need one room in their house clean to avoid feeling overwhelmed.  For some people this is the bedroom or maybe their kitchen.  If that one "safe haven" looks good and everything is in order, so is the rest of their life.  No burnout, feeling overwhelmed, or frustrated.  These people will tell you that if that room or space isn't clean they just can't function.  They may start fighting with their spouse or getting frustrated with their kids.  I realized this weekend that I have this problem...but not with a room.

Oh no, my problem?  When one particular shelf in my pantry is disorganized.  That's read correctly...ONE SHELF!  It's utterly amazing!  I did not know this about myself on Friday, but by Sunday night I was at my boiling point with my house.  Everything felt out of control and I didn't know where to start.  I took out my frustration on my husband (bless him for dealing with my horrible attitude) and even got frustrated with my son.  That is until I realized the source of my frustration was one shelf in my kitchen.

To be fair, there are few convenient shelves in my kitchen.  Many require the use of a step ladder to reach and we have way too little cabinet space anyway.  This one shelf is the most convenient shelf in my whole kitchen, and it happens to be where I keep plates, bowls, mugs, and cups.  Over the last few weeks, random things have gotten piled on that shelf because there wasn't a better place to put them (see previous note about minuscule cabinet space).  A half loaf of bread, box of cereal, funnel, pudding mix, and a can of something.  That was what it took to turn me into a horrible person.  I cleared it off and awoke this morning to the same chaos (house is cluttered, dirty dishes in the sink, fussy baby) but my attitude was remarkably better.

I will leave you with that for today, tomorrow I will post about revelation #2.  It's quite life altering for me and I'm just feeling I need more time to truly get into the subject before I'm ready to post it for all to see.

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