Thursday, May 26

Do you ever feel this way?

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about my struggle with healthy eating and how easily I become frustrated that I'm not doing more (you can read it here).  The last few weeks have been so amazing in how God has spoken to my heart and confirmed that I am, indeed, on the path He desires of me.  Here are a few posts from other bloggers abouts similar issues...not all of them are at the same place I am in our healthy eating journey, but I have found all of these posts to be helpful to me.  They all acknowledge that there are different levels of healthy and that not all people are in the same place.

Luke @ Losing Luke

Emily @ Wegener Family

Laura @ Heavenly Homemakers

Lynn @ Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

In another amazing way, my fears and doubts about the things I feed my family have been quelled.  God keeps introducing one certain verse (in very different ways) about how He is in control...and it has been so comforting!

For VBS this year (I work in the pre-k room) we are focused on James 1:5 as our verse.

But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him. ~ James 1:5

This verse keeps popping up in odd ways.  The other day it was the verse of the day in my email and today I found it on another blog (here).  Though neither have been in reference to food choices, they have both confirmed to me that this is a concept God wants in my life right now and that is a really comforting thought!

Tuesday, May 3

Week 3 Gluten end in sight

So the original plan was to start adding gluten back to our diet after next week.  However, the progress we've seen with Carter definitely is leading us to keep him on a gluten free diet.  And since James and I have both lost weight (me 3 lbs and him 6 or so), we're inclined to continue also.  I may try to add in some things like sourdough, regular oatmeal (possible cross-contamination issues), and maybe a little bread here and there and see how we do...we'll go slow though so we can thoroughly assess our progress.

And here is the plan for week 3...

baked apple puff
mini crustless quiche (review to come of the new silicone muffin cups I got for this)
peanut butter baked oatmeal
GF breakfast cookies
GF oatmeal fruit muffins
coconut flour muffins

bean dip with chips and veggies

Mon - grain free waffles with bacon (these waffles were really good, though I didn't add the fruit...they tasted like french toast)
Tues - baked potato soup; grilled cheese
Wed - beefy enchilada bake
Thurs - chicken with baked potato; corn
Fri - spaghetti squash pie
Sat - cheeseburger pie; salad
Sun - chicken and dumplings (this will be my first attempt at converting a non-GF recipe...wish me luck)