Wednesday, September 29

The most amazing thing happened...

27 years ago today, my husband was born!  This is quite possible THE most amazing thing that could ever have happened b/c even though my parents hadn't even met yet, God was already orchestrating life so that one day I would meet this amazing man.

It is amazing to me to look back over the years we've been together (and even the years before) and see how amazingly God's hand was present in bringing us together.  I am so thankful that this wonderfully creative and funny man was able to look past my weaknesses and see me as his wife.

Today he turns 27 and I am looking back over the last few years we've shared and am truly astonished by all that he has accomplished.  If you know my husband, James, please take some time to send him a message and wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


***Next week, we'll return to the normal schedule of Works for Me Wednesday with a post on organization in our kid's room and how I combat the limited space.***

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