Tuesday, March 8


So I have used this blog to convey my opinions, things God has been doing in my life, wonderful recipes I can't live without and other various things that pop into my head from time to time.  But lately I've noticed a glaring hole in my writing.

No one knows who the heck I am!

That's right, the horribly socially awkward person I am...I have never actually introduced myself.

Well...with several of my friends starting their own blogs recently, and seeing their wonderful introduction, I have decided that I should do a bit of update myself.  Apparently my new year, new me campaign is being forced upon my blog as well.  New layout, new title, and a new post to introduce this crazy person writing :)

Here I am!

My name is Brianah, I am a transplant to OK having spent my life in the Kansas City area from birth until age 22 when we moved here to be closer to my husbands family.  Here's a picture of us from December 2009 with our son Carter (in this picture he was 2 months old).

And less than a year after this picture was taken we added another little boy to our family...our son Henry!

And for reference, this is a more recent picture of Carter.

I plan to write more about my life, how we got where we are, and my goals for this blog...but you'll just have to wait a while for that one :)

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