Wednesday, March 30

Getting Good Deals Online...that Works for Me

I don't do a LOT of online shopping, but it is a great tool to use to help find things cheaper than in a brick and mortar store.  One of my favorite sites lately has been  Lately, I have found some GREAT deals on there that I have been wanting to share with everyone so that you can also find great deals and save some money!  Here are three ways I have saved money with Amazon in the last few months.

  1. Gift Cards
    • The best way I have found to get gift cards is through Swagbucks.  All you do is sign up on swagbucks and use it as your search engine.  You earn swagbucks for searches (though not everyone) and there are a variety of other ways to earn swagbucks on the site if you want to really get into it.  For every 450 swagbucks you earn, you can redeem it for a $5 Amazon gift card (FYI: You can redeem these for other things or use them to enter drawings, this is just how *I* use them).  I can earn 450 usually in about 2's not a lot, but it helps me get free or discounted things on Amazon.
    • Another way to get gift cards is to request them as birthday or holiday gifts (I do this since I also have a Kindle and can buy books with them) and I even found a Groupon deal for a gift card to amazon (paid $10 for a $20 gift card)!  You can sign up for swagbucks HERE and Groupon HERE.  (Disclaimer: I do get a referral bonus if you subscribe through my links for Swagbucks and Groupon.
  2. Subscribe and Save.  Amazon runs deals where you get an additional % off (usually 15%) if you subscribe to have the items shipped to you regularly (this can be monthly, every other month, every 6 months, etc).  You can go in and change your subscription at any time and even turn it off (meaning they won't ship again until you tell them to).
  3. Amazon Moms.  This is a new program they are offering to moms and other caregivers.  You get a discount on all baby items, free Super Saver (2-day) shipping for a few months, and other perks!  It costs nothing to sign up and has been WELL worth it for us!

How has this worked for me?
Here are a few examples.

  1. I had had my eye on a few kitchen gadgets that I just couldn't bring myself to spend money on b/c I felt they "weren't essential", but didn't feel bad buying with gift cards.  I bought a cheese planer and garlic press for free!  I also bought this quirky "action figure" as a Christmas present for a friend of ours (who, incidentally, looks just like this action figure).  All FREE with Swagbucks gift cards.
  2. I ordered 2 new wet bags and a toy hammock with a $10 off coupon I got in a magazine for any baby item through Amazon (I think it was in Baby Talk) and my Groupon card.  This entire order was also FREE! 
  3. I ordered some coconut oil (great for baking) using Subscribe and Save which got me an extra 15% off.  Total purchase was $11.51 for two containers with free 2-day shipping (b/c I signed up with Amazon Mom).
  4. Luvs diapers (since we're using sposies while I'm in classes).
    • Size 2 diapers:  normally $35.54 for 228 diapers.  Discounted 15% for subscribe and save, additional $15% for Amazon Mom subscribers, and free shipping (also from Amazon Mom)...brought my total to $24.88!
    • Size 4 diapers:  Normally $34.54 for 180 diapers.  Discounted 15% for subscribe and save, additional 15% for Amazon Mom, and free shipping...brought my total to $24.18!
  5. Pregnancy tests are expensive, but I found this package of 25 for $5.36 and ended up only paying $1.25 with gift cards.  If I only use 2 ever I will have paid myself back :)
This has definitely helped me save money on Amazon purchases in just a few easy (and mostly free)!

This has been posted as part of Works For Me Wednesday over at We are THAT Family.

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