Tuesday, December 20

One way to honor your spouse for Christmas (or why there were mice in my fridge)

Sometimes my husband feels like he takes a back seat to my kids...and a lot of time he's right.  It's easy to do when you have little ones that require so much of your attention and assistance throughout the day.  Lately my kids have been very mommy-needy.  That coupled with all that we've gone through this year, has been leaving my husband feeling a little neglected lately.  With Christmas right around the corner (which is usually focused more on our kids) I wanted to do something special for him.

I read a blog, though now I can't remember which one, about doing a 12 days of Christmas for your spouse.  I thought that sounded like a great idea!  So I set off at the beginning of December to figure out how I could make this work on a VERY meager budget.  So far it has been a HUGE hit with my husband and it's been lots of fun for me!

I'll post after the holidays with the full 12 days, but wanted to share with you about what I did yesterday.  Yesterday was day 7 (Christmas Eve will be day 12 as we open gifts on Christmas Eve).  And here is what he got...

The card says, "7 mice (and no your wife didn't turn into a cat)".
He had no clue these cute little chocolate cherry mice were peering out from our refrigerator :)

It hasn't been the most elaborate thing I've ever done and most of the "gifts" have been token things (a toast with our wedding flutes and sparkling cider or a walk through the Rhema Christmas lights), but the thought behind it (according to the hubs) has been the cool part!  We have gotten to take this chance to look back on some of the things we've done with one another since we started dating almost 7 years ago and it's been nice to have that time to reconnect during this busy season :)

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