Thursday, December 15

S'more Trail Mix...good enough for frazzled mommy's everywhere

Things around here have been CRAZY busy the last week or so.  I promise I'll update more on that soon, but I wanted to pop over and write a short post on how one frazzled mama was able to giver herself 15 minutes of quiet (to do dishes).

My youngest is 13 months old and has been teething almost non-stop for the last 2 months.  Normally he's a real trooper!  Today, however, circumstances got the best of him.  A morning running errands, an itchy rash on the back of his head, and a very late nap time all conspired against him today.  It all added up to one super clingy baby who refused to take a nap.  Did I mention that he has also hit that wonderful milestone where he wants to climb up and down and up and down on  Oy.  Unfortunately, I was in desperate need of getting some dishes done and working on a final assignment for school.  What is that quote?  "Necessity is the mother of invention?"  And thus was born...drum roll please...indoor s'more trail mix :)

Took out two bowls (one for each child), threw in a handful of honey nut cheerios, a few mini marshmallows, and some mini chocolate chips (though I would recommend regular size ones for this in the future).  Mixed it up and...voila!  My children were happily occupied for 20 minutes without a single peep!  Quite the feat considering our issues today.  The best was that I was able to quickly get some dishes done and get myself that much closer to "daddy home" time!

**Note** This is not the kind of thing I would normally feed my children nor would I make this a constant source of snacks.  The last two days have seen LOTS of car time and both of them have done amazingly well!  We all needed a treat and some quiet.

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