Sunday, April 10

Gluten Free...the way to be?

This has been a crazy week.  Started out with finding out some big things about our son, Carter.  You can go read about his diagnosis on our other  This discover has lead to a renewed interest in going completely gluten free (which we've had good results with before).  I'm giving myself a week to get ready for it and use up some food in my fridge (though much will be boxed up until after our experiment) and then we're going all in!  I have to admit I'm a bit scared.  But the idea of being able to control some of his symptoms (as well as ones my husband and I have experienced) is so promising!

I'm going to try to keep you updated of our two week experiment and let you know the results.  I also plan on posting some resources we have used to get ready for this and where we've found more information.

Btw...if you are already gluten free you should check out this awesome giveaway!

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