Thursday, November 3

30 Days of Thankfulness...Day 3

I really needed the reminder to be thankful today, even when it isn't easy!

The last 5 nights have been rough in our house.  4 out of the 5 have included my boys waking up throughout the night for various reasons (no water, wrong blankie, too cold, diarrhea, etc.) and last night was no different in that capacity.  What *WAS* different is that we couldn't get our youngest to stay asleep.  If we rubbed his back he would drift back to sleep only to immediately start crying if we stopped.  Somewhere in the hour long tag game between my husband and I, I got the idea that my "hungry Henry hippo" might be just that...hungry.  It was 1 am...we were tired...I was willing to try almost anything to figure out what was wrong.  So I gave him a piece of Chex cereal (one of his favorite snacks).  And he ate it...and then wanted more.

So here we were, both my husband and I (our oldest son woke up when we got Henry out of his crib as they share a room), sitting on the couch feeding banana to our kids.  Carter ate a half a banana and a few pieces of cereal and headed back to bed.  Henry finished 1 1/2 bananas and a bit of cereal and we put him back down also.  Miracle of all miracles--they slept the rest of the night!

As funny as this story is, there were definitely points when I was not just a little irritated that I was up at 1 am feeding my kid banana.  Points when I craved my bed (which I haven't seen much over the last few nights) and peace and quiet.  But upon waking this morning (not in the best of moods I might add) God reminded me why it's all worth it.
Carter found this hat of mine upon waking this morning and has been wearing it off and on all day :)
So today, on day 3 of my project...I am thankful for God's grace and provision.  

I am absolutely not sufficient on my own to raise my children.  I am an imperfect human being at best, but by God's grace and provision I am equipped to do a much better job of raising up these little men.  

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