Monday, November 7

30 Days of Thankfulness...Day 4-7

I'm a little behind on my Thankfulness Project :)  It's for a good reason, I promise!

Day 4:
I'm thankful for technology!  Sounds weird, but without the advancements in technology I wouldn't have been able to see my brand new baby niece minutes after she was born (especially since we live 4 hour away)!  The gift of life is so precious and amazing and it was such a blessing to see her sweet little face and know everyone was doing well.

Day 5:
Thankful for safe travels for our family!  We left late Friday night to drive up and see my sister and her new baby.  We left late Saturday night to come home.  So glad that the trip was safe for our family and we arrived home a little sleep deprived and weary, but in one piece!

Day 6:
Thankful for healthy babies!  We take for granted the thousands of women (maybe more) who lose babies every day or have babies with major medical problems.  I firmly believe that God is in control of all situations, but I'm still thankful when he blesses our family with happy and healthy children.  We haven't been immune from problems with our children's births or from long-term medical problems, but I'm so thankful that they were pretty healthy at birth and that we live in a place where there are doctors with adequate training and equipment to help the ones that are sick.

Day 7...finally!

I am so thankful for my past.  

That might sound strange.  No...I didn't have a great childhood or a perfect high school experience.  However, all the pain and difficulties I endured during my formative years were knit together by God to make me the person I am today!  I had some amazing friends in high school and college that were such a blessing to me and helped me in ways they may never know (thank you...Shannon, Christin, Kristina, Tiffany, Catherine, Diana, Ben, Luke, Lacey, and James).  I owe a huge debt to these people (and I'm sure a few others who's names I can't remember right now) and I pray that God will bless their lives the way He has blessed mine through their friendships!

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