Monday, July 11

Eating from my Pantry - Day 1

I usually try to use Monday's to post my menu plan for the week.  Unfortunately this week is shaping up to be a bit different.  My husband will be out of town, my family is visiting for most of the week, and--out of neccessity--I am trying to clear out my pantry and freezer.  The pantry cleanout is so I can save money on groceries this week and next.  Also, I have some items that have been in there for quite some time and I need to use them up.  My plan is to try and post a few times over the next few weeks with what we are making as we get creative in using the contents of our pantry.  I'm also going to (if I get a chance) post an inventory of the food we have on hand in hopes that some of you may be able to help me find recipes to use them up :).

Tonight, I'm going to try something different.  I'm going to cook a few chicken breasts in the crockpot with some chicken stock and cranberry sauce.  Served over lettuce with my salad.  I'm hoping it turns out well :)

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