Tuesday, July 12

Pantry Cooking Day 2

Yesterday was my first day on my own since our first son was born, and it showed in the fact that I didn't want to get off the couch all day.  I came very close to allowing my missing my husband to be more important than caring for my two little blessings.  However, I did keep them fed, changed, and entertained all day.  I wish I could say the same for myself.  I realized late last night that I had only had a handful of trail mix since breakfast.  So today I'm out to make sure I eat lunch :)

The plan for Tuesday:
Breakfast - chocolate chip muffins
Lunch - gluten free chicken helper (using leftover chicken from last night's dinner)
Snack - arrowroot cookies with chocolate chip cheese ball (no, it isn't healthy but it's leftover from Sunday's Bible study and it's yummy)
Dinner - hamburgers, corn, cheesy peas

The chocolate chip muffins went over ok with Carter, though he didn't ask for more so that's usually a sign that he's not too into something.  I thought they tasted like wallpaper paste :(
Also changed dinner from oatmeal pancakes to hamburgers b/c I have some fresh corn that is going to go bad soon.

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