Thursday, July 14

Pantry Cooking Day 4

4 days down and my pantry doesn't seem to be looking much different.  I'm praying that next week I will have more enthusiasm to really be creative and clear some space since my husband will be home.  I have trouble being creative and even doing any real cooking when it's mostly just for me.  I am pushing through by asking my son (almost 2) to eat the exact same things (within reason) that I am eating.

Unfortunately, my frustration with cooking for 1 1/2 got the best of me yesterday.  Son had a Larabar for lunch with trail mix and I cooked us a very early dinner.  Therefore we only made it through the cheeseburgers I had planned for lunch yesterday (and I forgot the corn).  For dinner, after my kids were in bed, I had 2 cheese roll-ups and a salad...the salad makes it healthy, right?

Anyway, today did not start out as I had hoped (since it started with a collections call from a bill I received for the first time last month).  But we rebounded a little.  I was able to make breakfast cookies this morning and am prepared to have leftover burgers for lunch :).  So here's the rest of my plan for today...

Breakfast: giant breakfast cookies (recipe being tweaked a bit and I'll try to post it soon)
Lunch: cheeseburgers; chips; fruit
Snack: fruit w/Larabar; chex mix? (this didn't get mad yesterday but I'm going to try to make it right after lunch)
Dinner: cheeseburger pie; salad (recipe to be posted later tonight)

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