Monday, July 25

Menu Plan Monday

So many of my bloggy "friends"/acquaintances are doing pantry clean outs right now.  So I decided to join in last week and am continuing on this week.  This last weekend I went grocery shopping and spent 1/2 of my budget for 2 weeks worth of food!  I'm gonna have to save some of it, though.  I unfortunately missed our local meat sale and so I'll have to pony up a bit more for things like ground beef in the coming weeks/months.

Here's the plan for this week...

mini quiche
breakfast cookies
baked oatmeal
yogurt with fruit
peanut butter banana smoothies

quesadillas/roll-ups with lunchmeat and cheese; fruit
hot dogs; chips; fruit/veggie

hummus with veggie chips
fruit smoothies
granola bars (used only 1 T coconut oil and added in sunflower seeds)
healthier rice crispy treats
chex mix
protein bars
lara bars

baked potato with brocolli cheese sauce; salad
cheeseburgers (w/o buns); corn on the cob; cheesy peas
potato-corn chowder; salad
oatmeal pancakes; sausage patties; eggs
cheese taquitos; seasoned black beans; mexican rice
chicken and rice; salad
mexican beef and bean casserole (already prepared and in the freezer); salad/fruit

The last two nights I've been able to take some extra time and put a few meals up in the freezer for next week.  I was also able, last weekend, to get some of our snacks made and put in the fridge.  I made granola bars, rice crispy treats, and chex mix (though we will need more chex mix).  So nice to have a quick snack to grab that is diet friends, with little to no extra sugar, and I made sure they were all sources of complete proteins :)

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